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Cheltenham Festival – Harry Findlay

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Cheltenham Festival - Harry Findlay

Harry Findlay talks to Betfair about the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the battle between Kauto Star and his horse Denman.
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5 responses to “Cheltenham Festival – Harry Findlay”

  1. Jody Ivie says:

    Good call Harry!

  2. jonnyy40 says:

    You don’t get many red Pumas and they’re difficult to hunt and a bugger to

  3. robert scott says:

    denman wont get near kauto star.exotic dancer for the forecast

  4. Jade Findlay says:

    well ‘gymfreak1978’ this ‘guy’ is my dad and the only reason i can see for
    him doing your nut in is your own JEALOUSY!!! and oh yeh… where was kauto
    on friday… i think the answer is….7 lengths behind DENMAN! ….gutted.

  5. hammy bradstock says:

    too right. its jealousy from people. harry findlay is a man who knows his
    betting and tells it like it is. id rather listen to findlay than these
    snobby toff bastards

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